Viens et voir

Our partners – Viens et voir

Viens et Voir was founded in 2000 by Nelson Massa in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Nelson is one of two original co-founders and is blind himself. Their main aim is to support adults and children in the Republic of Congo through teaching braille and organising events for adults and children to come together. These include outdoor sporting activities. They offer their service to children aged seven and older. They currently have three centres one in the capital city of Brazzaville, another in outskirts of the capital and lastly one in Point Noire.

How our partnerships can help meet needs?

Currently due to limited resources Viens et Voir do not have the capacity to deliver a wider service and as they can only teach in braille and only have access to a typewriter. Moreover, in the Republic of Congo there is a lack of rehabilitation and education services provided by the government for people who are blind and partially sighted.

We aim to help Viens et Voir by:

  • Providing a rehabilitation service for children using computers and magnification software
  • Teaching children how to use these computers and the software so they are able to gain new skills to help with their education
  • Provide equipment for sports and leisure such as balls that are audible and games that are available in large print or braille
  • Organising day trips and events in order that children may be able to play in a safe environment
  • Providing a bus service to transport children directly from their homes to the centre where events will be held

We believe being able to play with other children is a crucial part of one’s childhood development and want children who are blind to not miss out on this aspect of childhood.