Institute National Pour Aveugle

Our Partner – Institute National Pour Aveugle

The national institute for the blind was founded in 1972 and today operates as a school, providing primary and secondary education for children. Located in in DRC’s capital city of Kinshasa the institute is currently run by Marie-Albert Kasongo and Pascal Prosper Mukulumanya and is attended by 280 children. They offer basic teaching in Braille and provide limited art and sport activities for children. However, they can not provide a full learning experience for children who are blind or partially sighted, due to limited equipment and a lack of finance from the government.

As with Viens et Voir we hope to help this institute by:

  • Providing computers with specialised software for the blind in order to improve their quality of education.
  • Enhancing the school experience of these children by providing equipment that is better suited to their disability, such as audible footballs.
  • Providing a mini bus service for safe transportation of children from their homes to the institute, as the roads of Kinshasa are hazardous for anyone let alone blind children.
  • Providing financial support, as the government no longer provides assistance or funds to help run the institute.

Education is a basic necessity that we believe every child should have access to. We therefore want to make it possible for blind children in the DRC to not miss out on receiving this because they have a disability. We aim to empower these children by equipping them with more skills through computer training, so that they able to enter the world of work when they are older.