Importance of our work

In 2007, the government’s social service survey stated that 1,500 young people in Brazzaville alone – 12% of the population – were visually impaired. Now there are 2 million young people in the Republic of Congo. We believe that more than 10% of these are visually impaired. 


Below are some of the many risks that blind people in both Congo’s may face:

  • Blind people are more likely to be abused
  • They are at risk of getting hit by a car or a motorbike
  • They have a higher chance of hurting themselves in different areas of their home due to knocking things over or not being aware of items
  • They are at risk of causing fires and burning themselves or food when cooking
  • They are at risk of being electrocuted if they find themselves near any electrical items
  • Risk of children being used by parents or siblings to beg for money in the streets due to a lack of opportunities


One of the most pressing examples is that in both Congo’s people may not be easily identified as visually impaired in public due to the lack of basic equipment such as a symbol cane. Therefore we aim to make sure blind and partially sighted people feel safe in public.

In addition, blind people are at risk of being excluded from society, as a result they often suffer in silence. Because it is a struggle to get the proper support, they withdraw from society and contemplate hurting themselves as they feel like society is better off without them.

Together, we can help to minimise these risks so that every blind person can lead an active, healthy and fulfilling life.