List of equipment

Below are examples of equipment Agape will purchase with your help

Computer equipment


Computer Equipment Price Per Unit
Computer set £800
Vocal reading machine – Pearl £699
SuperNova Magnifier and Screen Reader £540
JAWS software for blind people £699
Touch typing software £100
Large print keyboard £30

Rehabilition equipment


Equipment Unit price

(Can record audio to label objects)


(Raised bumpons to help with marking equipment and identifying settings)

Symbol cane

(Cane used to highlight light that you are blind or partially sighted. Helps identify outdoor objects)

Talking clock £24.99
Liquid level indicator £8.99
Leisure Equipment:
Large print with Braille cards £9.59
Bell ball




Pen friend


A pen friend part of the labelling equipment where someone can do recordings to remind them to take medicine. They can also play back afterwards. You can also use a sticker to label something like a toaster.






Bump labelling equipment


These bumps can provide marking on different household items. It can be used on computers, posters, microwave so that when someone wants to use it will be easier. It is good to use for a toaster so that people would not burn their toast.  







Yellow ball


This ball is designed to help people play throwing games. It bells so that it can help blind people when they throw the ball.  









Reading machine     


This reading machine allows blind and visually impaired people to access material. They can also use the reading machine to read various items which includes magazines and books.










A CCTV magnifier can allow and help people to do a variety of things which includes things with a job, doing a crossword, reading a book. It provides people for visual needs which includes connectivity to a computer.

Jaws is a computer screen reader enables people who are partially sighted and blind to use a computer. There is braille, a keyboard and speech.  People can use the internet, make presentation and many other things. There has been a huge impact with different users.

Supernova is a magnifier and screen reader, which has helped people do presentations. It has helped people in such different ways. There are sections where the screen reader can read certain parts of information.


Symbol cane

A symbol cane is used to highlight and guide someone who is blind or partially sighted.  When people are on the street they can also help others with a symbol cane so that they will not bump into anything. They can use it so that they can be aware of any obstacles and traffic.